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Microprocessor 1

Embedded Development Boards for 8051 / Microchip PIC / ARM7 TDMI LPC2148

1. MCU 89V51RD2 18F4520/
4550  or 18Fxxx
ARM7TDMI  NXP LPC  2148 89V51RD2 Atmega  16/32
2. Clock freq. 11.0592Mhz 4Mhz 12Mhz 11.0592Mhz 4Mhz
3. Internal Program Flash 64K 32K 512K 64K 32K
4. Internal Team 1K 1.5K (256  bytes  Internal  EEPROM) 42K 1K 2K (1.5KB Internal EEPROM)
5. On board RTC with  Battery Yes DS1307 Yes DS1307 Built in MCU Yes DS1307 Yes DS1307
6. 1x UART, SPI, PCA, WDT Yes NA NA Yes NA
7. 1x UART, SPI, 12C, 10bit  ADC, PWM NA Yes NA NA Yes
8. USB 2.0, RTC, 10 bit  ADC,  2.44 uS, 2x UARTs,  2x  12C, SPI, 2x 32 bit  Timers, 6x PWM, 8x  CCR, 1x DAC, WDT, 5V  tolerant I/O, up to 60 MHz operation NA NA Yes NA NA
9. JTAG/ICSP Connector NA Yes ICSP Yes 10x2  JTAG NA Yes 5x2  JTAG
10. On board 12C EEPROM Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
11. 16x2 LCD Display with  4bit & 8bit settings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
12. ISP thriugh RS232C Yes NA Yes Yes Na
13. ISP through USB Port Onboard Yes Yes Yes Yes Ues
14. 12x2 UEXT Connector Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
15. 10 pin ERC Connector  for all port pins Yes 10x4 Yes 10x4 Yes 10x6 Yes 10x4 Yes 10x4
16. On board Stepper  Motor Controller Yes Yes Yes NA Yes
17. On board DC Motor  Controller On Board IR Yes Yes Yes NA Yes
18. Sensor Yes Yes Yes NA Yes
19. Power Supply 5V/1A Yes 5V/1A 5V/1A -
20. RS232C Cable Yes NA Yes Yes Yes
21. USB Cable Yes Yes Yes NA Yes
22. Operational Manual  Hard Copy & Soft Copy  with Assembler and  Disassembler full  version & C compiler  Eval. version Yes Yes Yes Yes -
23. Housed in melamine  finished wooden case Yes Yes Yes Yes NA
24. IO Interfacing Card Check  the  List Check  the  List Check  the  List Check  the  List Check  the  List

Embedded Project Boards for 8051 / Microchip PIC / ARM7 TDMI LPC2148

1. MCU 89V51RD2  18F4520/4550 16F877A or  ARM7TDMI NXP PC2148 ATmega 16/32
2. Clock freq. 11.059Mhz 4Mhz 12Mhz -
3. Internal EEPROM 64K selected As per MCU 512K 32K
4. Internal RAM 1K selected As per ACU 64K EEPROM 2K(1.5KB Internal)
5. FRC connector for all port pins Yes 10x4 Yes 10x4 Yes 10x6 Yes 10x4
6. On board programmer through USB Yes Extra require Yes Extra require
7. ICSP Connector NA Yes Yes Yes
8. UEXT Connector Yes Yes Yes Yes on board 12C
9. EEPROM Yes Yes Socket Prov. Yes 10x6 Yes
10. On Board POT for ADC - Yes Yes -
11. Bread board area Optional Optional Optional Optional
12. Power Supply Optional Optional Optionsl Optional
13. RS232C Optional Optional Optional Optional
14. USB Cable USB Power Yes Yes Yes Yes
15. Operational Manual Soft Copy  with Assembler & Disassembler  Full Version & C compuler Eval.  version Yes Yes Yes Yes
16. Open Structure Yes Yes Yes Yes
17. IO Interfacing Card Check the list Check the list Check the list -
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