Microprocessor 1
Microprocessor 2

Digital Trainer DT3000x series are most suitable for Digital Laboratory. Digital Design up to 6 IC’s are possible. All Require resources are available on Board. Five Different Models to select.

  • Built in Regulated power supply with short circuit protection 5V @ 1.5A (Optional ±12V and -5V)
  • Easy Interconnections through BS4 type sockets
  • ZIF (zero insertion force) sockets with protections for long life operations of ZIF
  • 8/10/16 nos. of switches for inputs with LED indications
  • 8/10/16 nos. outputs with LED indications
  • 7 segment LED displays with decoder input
  • Built in Logic pulser and Logic probe
  • Fixed Clock in six steps
  • Variable Clock with 50% duty cycle
  • Less/no wiring from inside, easy to handle, long life operation of kit.
  • Best Quality patch cords
  • Operational manual with numerous examples
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